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Welcome Scheme Application Form: Genealogy Support Services

Welcome Schemes

To apply for the Ancestral Welcome or any of the VisitScotland Welcome Schemes listed, please complete this form. If chargeable we issue an invoice with payment information.

    On receipt of your form, payment and confirmation that you provide all the facilities listed, we will confirm the appropriate award/s by email and you will receive the relevant promotional goods by post.

      Welcome Schemes

        I would like to apply to become a member of the following schemes:

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                                      Confidential financial information will only be provided to other Government agencies for the purpose of administering, evaluating and monitoring VisitScotland's programmes, it will not be shared with any other third parties.

                                                Please give the value in £ sterling to the nearest £1,000. This should be the figure from your most recent financial accounts. This information will only be provided to other Government agencies for the purposes of administering, evaluating and monitoring VisitScotland programmes. This information will not be shared with any other parties.

                                                  **This is the net worth of your business = Total assets minus total liabilities.

                                                    State Aid

                                                    This activity is subject to the law governing the level of public sector State Aid which can be given. It falls into the De Minimis category which limits the level of public sector funding for businesses to €200,000(around £142,450) over a 3 year period.

                                                      We are required to take into account any De Minimis aid you may have received from VisitScotland or from any other public body including Local Authorities, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Government, lottery funding or any EU funding. To enable VisitScotland to meet the regulation requirements, could you please provide us with the date the offer of aid was made, the name of the body providing the aid, what the aid was for and the value of the aid.

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                                                                        I understand that I am bound by the working with VisitScotland terms and conditions. A printed copy is available on request.

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                                                                              Privacy Policy

                                                                              The personal details and information provided by you will be used by VisitScotland to process your Welcome Scheme - Genealogy Support Services application, to review and assess your application. By ticking the box you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms of our privacy policy.

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