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In 2020, Scotland’s Coasts and Waters will be celebrated with a programme of activity designed to inspire both visitors and locals to explore and experience our unrivalled shores.

But what does the Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 (YCW2020) mean for business or organisations? Whether you're an accommodation provider, visitor attraction or a tour guide - get ready to inspire and attract both visitors and locals looking to uncover and enjoy Scotland's waters. 

How can you make the most of the year by showcasing your own business, as well as Scotland's vast array of product? We've got some advice for you on how to maximise the opportunity that YCW2020 presents with our handy industry guide - don't just go with the flow - jump right in!

Join the celebrations for YCW2020!

Find out more

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    About the Year

    Find out more about YCW2020, the scope of opportunity and how you can get on-board with the celebratory year. 

    Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 - what is it all about?

    Published: December 2018

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    YCW2020 Events

    YCW2020 Events Programme Open Fund and Partner Event Programme

    The delivery of an exciting programme of special events is an important part of the year. Find out more about the dedicated YCW2020 events fund

    Have an event taking place in 2020 that aligns with the key themes of the year that could benefit from a listing on VisitScotland’s events page as well as potential inclusion in VisitScotland promotional activity in celebration of the year? The YCW2020 Partner Event Programme is a non-funded opportunity for events and festivals to join the celebrations. Events must be public facing, appeal to locals and visitors alike, and take place during 2020. Find out more here.

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    Research and insights

    From wildlife to food and drink, cultural heritage to outdoor activities, check out the research and insights on our visitors that align with the year. 

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    Sustainability and responsible engagement

    YCW2020 celebrates and shines a spotlight on Scotland’s beautiful natural environment while promoting responsible engagement. With a wealth of information out there, here are some of the organisations, along with some of the best practices to follow, to use as a resource when planning activity in relation to YCW2020 and beyond.

    Sustainability and responsible engagement during Scotland's YCW2020

    Published: June 2019

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    Celebrating Scotland’s Themed Years – Case Studies

    Read the practical examples of destinations, individual businesses, and organisations who have used the themed year opportunity to their advantage in a range of different ways to inspire and attract, and ultimately enhance the visitor experience.

    Celebrating Scotland's Themed Years - Case Studies

    Published: April 2019

Get involved

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    Download the logo

    Make you mark during the year! From websites to social media, email signatures to flyers, use the official free to use logo across your own promotions to inspire and 'wet' the appetite of your potential visitors. Please fill out our short online form to download the suite of logos. 

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    Top tips for getting involved

    Download our top tips guide highlighting practical ideas on how to make the most of this year. 

    Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 - Top tips for getting involved

    Published: December 2018

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    Promotional wording

    Tap into new audiences, or welcome back familiar faces looking to celebrate YCW2020 with a selection of key messages about the Year to use across own channels.

    Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 - Promotional Wording

    Published: December 2018

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    Visuals speak volumes

    From pretty harbours to dramatic cliffs, sea-kayaking to canal boat trips, choose from a selection of free images for use across your own channels and campaigns from our Digital Media Library

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    Get sociable

    Join the conversation and share your own inspirational content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #YCW2020 Let’s create a ripple effect! We’ve created some example social media posts for use across your own social channels.

    Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 - Social media posts

    Published: December 2018