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Scotland is Now was created to show visitors, students, workers, business partners and investors that Scotland is a small but progressive and inclusive nation that is doing incredible things.

We have continued to listen to your feedback and have now developed an exciting way for us all to promote Scotland specifically to our visitors.

We want to celebrate everything that makes Scotland unique. And that includes every business, attraction, museum, gallery, restaurant, bar, pub, bus, boat, train, tour and place to stay; showcasing the unique experiences in Scotland that ensures visitors never forget us.

The best way to keep Scotland high on the list of must-see destinations is to make a noise loud enough for people to hear, wherever they are around the world. So, let’s get together and throw a spotlight on a country that is already renowned for incredible experiences that can be found Only in Scotland.

We have developed this toolkit specifically to amplify your business within the campaign. Scroll below for practical information on how you can get involved by connecting with us and through your own channels. We have also created materials that you can lift and use yourself and filled the media library with images and videos that you can share easily across your own channels.

For more information on the background to the campaign, as well as all the information you will ever need on our market profiles, our planned media titles and promotional calendar, and simply what visitors are looking for in a holiday and why they choose Scotland, visit




How to get involved 


Connect with us


Engage with interesting, thought provoking and attention grabbing content.



Watch amazing films and stories about Scotland.



Enjoy great stories and photos, engaging and shareable content. 



Share your Scotland snaps with the world? Use #VisitScotland to give VisitScotland permission to repost your content on our social media channels. 


Website and blog

Find out more about travel, accommodation, holidays, attractions, and events in Scotland.



Discover more of Scotland’s visual landscapes, stunning attractions, and inspiring sights.


Corporate channel

Find out the latest news for the industry.


VisitScotland Growth Fund

If you’re considering a collaborative digital marketing campaign to grow your tourism area, you may be available to apply for funding through the Growth Fund. You can find more information on who can apply and the next opening for applications to the Growth Fund on


iKnow Community 

Join our friendly and spirited forum, where you can share your experiences, hand out tips, ask questions, and offer insider advice on all the best places to visit in Scotland. 


Help and advice

You can request a free business surgery through VisitScotland, where our Industry Relationship Manager will meet with you and provide advice and support to match your needs. You could talk through our Quality Assurance schemes, how you reach international markets or what digital skills you need to build.

Email customer.service@visitscotland with your business name and location to set one up.


On your channels

'Nessie House'

To help demonstrate how you can adopt Only in Scotland for your business - we have created an example Scottish tourism business, a B&B called 'Nessie House'. Here’s how Nessie House could create their own posts that promotes their business as part of Only in Scotland.

Firstly, identify what makes your business unique. For Nessie House, it could be their association with the famous monster. Or it could be the way they serve breakfast, the mist that surrounds the B&B in the winter months, the traditional tartan blankets they provide in every room, or the dog that stays in permanent residence and greets every guest.

Then use that information to craft a ‘headline’ using ‘Only in Scotland’ and your fact.

Use the rest of the copy to:

  • Tell a bit more of the story
  • Explain your headline to your audience

Create a call to action to tell your audience where and how to book with you. Apply the #ScotlandisNow hashtag where appropriate. Either in your visual or within post copy.

Now, ask yourself - what can visitors ONLY get at your business?


How it could look on social media

Example 1

Headline:  Only in Scotland could you wake up with a real monster under the bed.

Post copy:  Stay on the shores of Loch Ness, home to the infamous Loch Ness Monster. Book your stay now, if you're brave enough! (Remember to add the link to your booking page).


Example 2

Headline:  Only in Scotland can you meet Sandy, our official doorman.

Post copy:  He may be a dog, but we think he does a better job than any human could. Book you stay now - Sandy can't wait to meet you! (Remember to add the link to your booking page)


Example 3

Headline:  Only in Scotland can you stay in a room fit for a Clan Chief.

Post copy:  Each of our individually designed rooms was inspired by the great Clan Chiefs of Scotland. Book your stay now! (Remember to add the link to your booking page)


Example 4

Headline:  Only in Scotland could you not only see the monster, but catch it!

Post copy:  We run guided fishing trips throughout the season for budding anglers. Book your stay now, and you might go home with more than memories.



Headline:  Only in Scotland could you spot Nessie over breakfast.

Sub copy:  The monster isn’t guaranteed, but a delicious breakfast is!

CTA:  Book your stay online at www.nessiehouseb&


On their own website 

Headline:  Only in Scotland can you stay at the famous Nessie House.

Sub copy:  Indulge in a relaxing stay in one of our boutique rooms then take in the loch view from our dining room. You never know what you might spot lurking in the waters.

CTA:  Book now


Additional tips

Of course, there are plenty ways to join the movement by simply incorporating ‘Only in Scotland’ into what your business already creates. For example, by picking out unique points about your business when you are creating blogs or articles or updating your website content. If you don’t have the tools to create the posts, you can still tell your stories on your social channels, website, blogs or ezines.


DIY tips for social

Learn how to build your social media presence and better engage the right audience for your business.

Social media is a quick way to reach your audience and potential customers – but there is a right way to do it. In our DIY video for social media, we’ll talk quickly about:

  • Tailoring your posts
  • Mixing up your messages
  • Holding conversations
  • Learning from others
  • Reviewing how you did

So take a look at the video, and we’ll help you build your social media presence and reach more potential customers visiting Scotland.

Quick links

What can you say about your business? What can visitors ONLY get here?


Share and share alike 

It’s not just about creating your own great content. Find out how sharing content from other places can also work to your advantage.


Use our marketing material

We’ve created some Only in Scotland content bespoke to each region in Scotland to promote something unique in that area we know visitors will love. These are available for you to download and use on your own channels to help promote your area.

All our regional executions are available to view and download in the VisitScotland Digital Media Library, with full information provided on credits required and rights.


Create your own

How to write for Only in Scotland

When writing on your social media channels, your website content, your blog posts – keep this in mind.


Messaging should sound confident, without being arrogant. If there is room for some good old Scottish charm or wit, that is always more than welcome.

It should also be inspiring. Don’t just advertise a castle, advertise the feeling of standing on ancient stones that have witnessed centuries of history.

Write to excite people. Everything in Scotland has something to offer tourists, from the largest mountains to the smallest dew drop. Find the thing that makes your business special and make people want to visit it.

But above all, be authentic. That’s what people seek, authentic experiences and authentic connections.


Writing Captions

In the bottom corner of each image, there is a caption that describes what is in the image or where it is. This means that anyone who sees it knows exactly where the image is and can use it to find out more information on the place. Use the caption to add a bit more to your story, making it a little more engaging and relevant for visitors.

For example: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

would become: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, carefully curated for your amazement


Finding the right images 

An image is one of the closest ways we can come to experiencing a destination without physically going there. Good, strong images will influence someone’s decisions, expectations and emotions before they even set foot at the location.

Here’s how to get the best ones without breaking any rules.

The VisitScotland Digital Media Library is free to use and available to all businesses and industry organisations in Scotland. You can register for an account, and download a range of imagery for your activity, with full information provided on credits required and rights.

You’ll also find regional executions for Only in Scotland which you can use in your marketing, or to inspire you to create your own.


Need more help?

Take a look at for all the industry-leading advice, opportunities and information you need. You can access:

  • the latest news and research
  • find out how to get personalised business information
  • our Quality Assurance grading scheme
  • partner initiatives and events
  • out recent marketing activities
  • and digital skills advice with Digital Tourism Scotland.

How to tackle digital

New to digital and don’t know where to start? Check out these resources to make it seem a little less daunting.

Digital Tourism Scotland is here to help you with how to use digital marketing and technology to benefit your tourism business. We’ll take you step by step through the process with helpful videos, webinars, articles and workshops to guide you from beginner to expert in no time at all. Check out our video to see why you don’t need to be scared by the “big bad world” of digital.

Our resources also cover topics such as content marketing, social media and SEO, which can help you increase the number and quality of visitors to your website.

Check out the topic library for articles, videos and webinars.

We hope you've new found everything you need to play your role in Only in Scotland. 

But if you have any questions or need any more information, please check out our industry information and advice on, or find out how to contact us.