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Setting you up for greatness

Maybe you’re refurbishing your business, looking to achieve a specific grading or are completely new to the world of tourism altogether? If so, an advisory visit by one of our Quality & Tourism Advisors (QTAs) can be invaluable.

Why book an advisory visit?

These visits offer the chance for you to get a clear picture of current benchmarks within the industry, feedback on your current standards and cover off any areas of business you need help with. Everything is tailored to allow you to maximise the potential of your business and make a positive impact on your customers.

Our QTAs boast an extensive knowledge and experience that they’re more than happy to share with you. Not only that, but they can suggest useful contacts within our organisation and any other relevant sources of help and advice

Advisory visit fees

Business Type Size Price VAT Incl. VAT
Serviced accommodation 1-3 rooms £103.30 £20.66 £123.96
Serviced accommodation  4-10 rooms £187.75 £37.55 £225.30
Serviced accommodation  11+ rooms £251.70 £50.34 £302.04
Self-catering 1-2 units  £103.35 £20.67 £124.02
Self-catering 3+ units £187.75 £37.55 £225.30
Caravan and camping 1-100 licensed pitches £113.50 £22.70 £136.20
Caravan and camping 101-250 licensed pitches  £193.40 £38.36 £232.08
Caravan and camping 251+ licensed pitches £257.30 £51.46 £308.76
Hostel accommodation  1-29 bedspaces £78.70 £15.74 £94.44
Hostel accommodation 30+ bedspaces £121.25 £24.25 £145.50
Visitor attraction - £145.30 £29.06 £174.36
Exclusive use venues - £251.70 £50.34 £302.04

For more information on booking an advisory visit, please email