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Article published 16/10/2018

While digital technologies bring enormous opportunities, they also bring new threats and vulnerabilities. Cybercrime and cyber-attacks represent a major and growing threat to our economy and society.

Research tells us that the public and many small organisations often see cyber crime and fraud as a single issue.

Because of this, two complementary UK Government, Industry and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) - backed ‘umbrella’ brands providing official and consistent advice have been developed: 

Cyber Aware has been developed with the NCSC (the UK’s authority on cyber security) and provides the simplest, technical advice for the public and micro businesses to help protect themselves against the cyber threat. It includes a cyber security guide for small businesses and 10-steps to cyber security. Visit and

Take Five, a partnership between UK Finance and the Government, advises the public on how to protect themselves from preventable financial fraud (including email deception and phone-based scams) and offline fraud. Visit

Collectively these brands provide the most important advice that the public, small businesses and charities need to put in place to best protect themselves from the threat.

The vast majority of cyber attacks exploit basic weaknesses in IT software and systems, which can easily be fixed. NCSC’s Cyber Essentials show organisations how to address those basics and get a good level of online security in place. Visit

Get Safe Online (GSO) is a UK Government-funded, free and trusted resource providing practical advice on how individuals and businesses can protect themselves on their computers and mobile devices, and against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online. Visit

For more information about the cyber threat or for news on the latest cyber incidents, visit: