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Article published 31/01/2020

Europe, let’s continue our love affair

Scotland made a mark in March 2019 when the first part of the Scotland Is Now European campaign sought to remind Europe that Scotland Is Open with a simple, powerful message: “Europe, let’s continue our love affair”.

But the conversation isn't over. We still need those considering Scotland as a place to live, work, study, visit or do business to know that we are an open, welcoming, inclusive, multicultural and compassionate nation.

Today, as the UK leaves the EU Scotland has launched phase two of the campaign across social media. We’ll be posting from our Scotland is Now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (SDI) and YouTube accounts. There will be paid placement on Facebook and Instagram along with online digital display video ads achieving an estimated 5.5 million views.


Currently, Europe provides seven out of Scotland’s 10 key tourism markets. In 2018, 2 million EU residents visited Scotland, generating over £1 billion for our economy. And, at home, the contribution of EU workers to Scotland’s tourism industry should be celebrated, with 21,000 (11.5% of all) employed in the sector during 2018/19.

And with population growth in Scotland projected to be amongst the lowest across comparator European countries, it's widely recognised that net in migration of EU citizens coming to live and work in Scotland is critical to the future of the country’s demography, economy and society.

As such, the target audience for this activity is prioritised to the aged 16 years or over located in France, Germany, Spain, Republic of Ireland and Belgium.

How to get involved

We want everyone with a shared interest in Scotland’s future to help us spread our heartfelt message to our European neighbours. Here’s how…

  1. Use #ScotlandIsNow on social media and share your open / welcoming stories
  2. Follow our Scotland is Now channels and engage with our messages to broaden their reach.
  3. We have several tools in our Scotland Is Now toolkit for you to download and use on your communication channels. Remember to sign in to view all of the content available.

Tools from the Scotland Is Now toolkit include:

  1. The Scotland Is Open video itself – which you can share or embed on to your own channels.
  2. A selection of campaign images to download and use
  3. Core campaign images in the form of social media tiles, to download for use on your channels
  4. The ‘love letter’ words is available in English, French, German and Spanish.
  5. Social media text to simply copy and paste into your own social media channels.

Visit to find out more.

Facebook social media tile for Scotland is Open
Facebook social media tile for Scotland is Open

Image credit Scotland is Now

Scotland Is Now

Bringing together VisitScotland, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Government and Universities Scotland for the first time with a single, bold narrative for Scotland, the Scotland Is Now initiative was launched in April 2018.