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Article published 24/09/2020

From today (24 September) the Scottish Islands Passport App will be available for six weeks (until 5 November) as part of the app’s Shetland pilot launch.

The Scottish Islands Passport is the initiative of HiTrans, the regional transport partnership for the Highlands and Islands, and is a project supported by the Scottish Government. The travel scheme aims to encourage more people to visit Scotland’s inhabited islands.

The app was due to be launched this year to celebrate The Year of Coasts and Waters 2020, however the full roll-out across 73 Scottish islands has been postponed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. To test the app prior to a full launch, Shetland has been selected as a pilot destination. The pilot version of the app is available for those on Shetland, including island residents, those taking staycations and those who have already booked to visit.

Visitors are invited to use the app to help them discover the delights of the Islands as part of the Scottish Islands Passport Project. The app guides users through what each of Scotland’s Islands has to offer, based on their interests, helping people to find their favourite island, discover new places to explore and collect virtual passport ‘stamps’ for Islands they have visited.

The Scotland’s Island Passport project team have worked closely with locals to capture the best of what Scotland’s Islands have to offer visitors. It also showcases local talent, and the passport stamps have been designed by Shetland talent, and former Sandwick Junior High School teacher, Yolanda Bruce. Each stamp relates to an aspect of island life and celebrates the nature, heritage and people.

Free downloads of the information sheets for each Shetland Island are available online, for you to use.

For information on the Shetland soft launch, or to be notified of the national launch, take a look at The Scottish Islands Passport website or Facebook page.