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Article published 10/07/2020

On 2 July, the First Minister announced that exemptions will be permitted for public transport, retail and hospitality sectors to allow a move from two metre to one metre physical distancing. However, this is conditional on appropriate additional mitigating measures being implemented to reduce the elevated risk associated with a one metre distance, as opposed to two metres.

For the purpose of this guidance, hospitality sectors relates to public houses, restaurants and cafes, including those where they’re situated within other premises, such as hotels, visitor attractions and clubs. This applies to indoor and outdoor areas from 15 July 2020.


Additional mitigating measures

An overview of the additional measures are as follows:

  • No standing areas at bar areas, all customers must be seated
  • Space layouts must be reviewed to allow one metre distance from all angles between seated groups
  • Face coverings must be made available for staff
  • Adequate and good quality ventilation should be standard in indoor commercial spaces
  • Measures taken to reduce noise, to avoid people raising their voices to be heard
  • Clear signage to highlight the one metre distancing at entrance and exit points, and throughout the premises


Revised risk assessment

It remains the case that businesses must, in line with the general sector guidance, adopt a risk-based approach and revise existing risk assessments to incorporate additional mitigating measures. The assessing risk section of the sector guidance provides information and tools to help carry out risk assessments and the checklist has been updated to incorporate the additional mitigating measures.


Take time to read the full details of these guidelines on the Scottish Government website.