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Article published 01/07/2020

As tourism businesses across Scotland prepare to re-open in the coming weeks, they are also facing the challenge of balancing the needs of attracting visitors, with those of local communities.

Tourism St Andrews, a group made up of volunteers representing the local tourism industry, has adopted a trailblazing initiative to safely welcome tourists back to the popular coastal town.

Over 300 local businesses and local community groups have come together to create the Stay Safe St Andrews Charter to give confidence to visitors and local residents in the town, as businesses begin to open from 29th June.

Tourism St Andrews adopted a whole-town approach to the initiative, with hospitality, tourism and retail businesses across St Andrews all promoting a unified message through a 5 C Strategy, demonstrating the town’s commitment to safe working practices and following the latest government guidance.

The 5Cs at the heart of the charter are: Clean; Considerate; Cautious; Clear Communications and Community Minded. By agreeing to the charter, businesses and organisations are pledging their commitment to safeguarding their communities, caring for their visitors and securing the local economy.

Stay Safe St Andrews Charter

Published July 2020

By creating a clear and co-ordinated response to the challenges of tourism in a time of Covid 19, St Andrews will be able to protect our local communities while extending our world famous warm welcome to visitors coming to visit our wonderful beaches, shops, open spaces, golf and hospitality.

We are asking visitors and residents to take an individual and collective responsibility for helping to keep St Andrews a safer place.

Debbie MacCallum, Chair of Tourism St Andrews