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Article published 25/11/2020

Digital plays a huge role in the visitor experience. Having a firm grasp of how technology can work for you and being able to use it is a powerful way to save precious time, increase efficiency and, all importantly, grow revenue. The majority of people plan and book their holidays online – even more so now with the increased need to book in advance and manage visitor flows in the experience sector.  

Cluny Activities, formerly known as Cluny Clays, is a family run business established in 1992. Starting off with a few clay traps and a cabin, the business has grown to become one of Scotland’s leading outdoor activity centres. 

Online bookings at Cluny Activities 

Cluny Activities has been using online booking system BookingHound since 2017. The business had been looking for a system for a couple of years, but in 2016/2017 there weren’t a lot that connected to calendars and facilitated multi-product activities with different visitor to instructor ratios (i.e. systems that could deal with more than one activity and, most importantly, different instructor to bookings per time slot ratios).  

The two main benefits of using the system are: 

  1. 24/7 booking and payment capability 

  1. No manual collecting of money or deposits 

Prior to the implementation of the booking system, bookings were made through telephone, email, walk-ins and then inputted into a spreadsheet. This was a resource intensive process. Nowadays, time slots are opened and closed depending on online demand and bookings made from telephone, walk-in and other sales channels. It’s a more efficient use of staff members and instructors. All activities (and associated gift vouchers) can be booked/purchased online and this allows staff resources to be managed more easily. Tickets are also promoted and sold via Facebook and email marketing. 

Cluny Activities online bookings and COVID-19 

The booking system enables the business to change how many households can book one slot at the one time and ensures that all government track and trace procedures are adhered to. In the age of COVID-19, online booking has become essential and online sales have risen exponentially as a result.  


Cluny Activities logo
Cluny Activities logo

Image credit Cluny Activities

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