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Article published 05/04/2019

As podcasts continue to rise as a format for engaging young audiences on the go, Contiki has launched a brand new podcast series called Out of Office, aimed at people who are young and hungry for adventure.

We worked in partnership with Contiki to create the first episode, which was released on Wednesday 3 April and focuses on the rise of traditional Scottish music, as part of Scotland's Year of Young People 2018 activity.

For young audiences interested in a variety of real and engaging content, Out of Office hits the mark - combining influencer insights and travel inspiration, wrapped up in a series of stories, interviews and conversation pieces in each episode.

Out of Office seeks to share incredible stories from around the world in unique and engaging ways, combining influencer interviews, social commentary and insider travel knowledge in each episode.

The podcast delivers funny and inspiring insights from content creators, experts and influencers as they trade tales about a variety of hot topics and intriguing destinations, from exploring the weird and wonderful foods of Japan and the exciting advent of electric planes; to the ethical and cultural including the rise of traditional Scottish music among young people, and a glimpse into the lives of indigenous communities in Australia.

The podcast also features ‘Convince me’ bonus episodes with a specially selected panel of guests taking on the challenge to convince listeners about a passion subject, including Vegan Travel with @LittleLondonVegan, LGBT travel destinations with Meg Cale and Making travel matter with sustainability expert and explorer Celine Cousteau.

Audiences can subscribe now on the iTunes app stores or Google PLAY. Streaming is also available on Spotify, Stitcher or all other places podcasts are available.

We’re excited to be working with major youth travel brand Contiki on the launch of their podcast, following our collaboration during the 2018 Year of Young People. Scotland is home to an exciting and evolving traditional music scene with a fantastic array of music festivals and venues. Our history, heritage and culture have a huge influence on visitors deciding to travel to our shores and this innovative project will help extend that inspirational message to an active and captive young audience.

Malcolm Roughead, VisitScotland Chief Executive