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Article published 23/08/2018

By now you'll have heard of our campaign #ScotlandIsNow which has already reached more than 21 million people through tailored and targeted communication. In partnership with Scottish Government, Scottish Development International,  Scottish Enterprise and Universities Scotland, #ScotlandIsNow focuses on the four pillars - live and work, study, invest and visit. It's simple to get involved and help tell Scotland's stories to a global audience.

This is an opportunity to communicate the unique value of our Scottish spirit to the world – by taking all that’s good from the past and building a collective future.

We launched Scotland is Now in April and on launch day alone 1/6th of the UK population was reached. With continued support and positive feedback, the brand is thriving, and we want to continue to build on that momentum.

There is a wealth of resources for you to use including a series of films to support the campaign which to date have been watched more than 105 million times. Market insights, trend reports, presentations and infographics are all available at, so sign up for a free account today and get involved.

It's simple to join in the campaign in which we can tell Scotland's stories to a global audience.


Top 5 ways to join in the #ScotlandIsNow campaign


1. Visit to find out more about the campaign

2. Deliver your own marketing activities on behalf of Brand Scotland by downloading resources (such as images, videos and indights) from the toolkit 

3.Use #ScotlandIsNow across your social media posts

4. Follow us @VisitScotNews for the latest updates

5. And why not try our Portal AR - Step Into Scotland virtual reality app!

A movement to harness the collective talent, skills and investment of the public sector and beyond - to communicate the unique value of our 'Scottishness' and extend the biggest invitation ever to come work, live, study, invest, visit and do business with Scotland.

Scotland is Now

Here's a film featuring TV queen Lorraine Kelly and Hollywood actor Brian Cox outlining the campaigns goals and why Scotland Is Now.