Ancestral Tourism


VisitScotland has a dedicated ancestral marketing strategy, AncestralScotland is our dedicated ancestral tourism brand.


Our ancestral marketing program targets visitor prospects of Scots descent in our priority long-haul markets US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


We also reach the potential ancestral visitor in the UK and other global markets. Our aim is to:

  • reach,
  • inspire,
  • inform 
  • and convert potential ancestral visitors who are in the process of discovering their Scots roots.

We very much see the end game of ancestral/family tree research being to physically walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.


Our ancestral marketing program highlights the rich genealogy and family history resources Scotland has to offer. We also provide inspiring clan based car touring itineraries and our website - features the world’s largest clan surname database. We use our global reach to market this information through our existing long haul touring campaign - I am a Scot. 


Our activity is predominately online which includes promotion through bi-monthly enewsletters, regular communication with key contacts within Scots interest groups and our dedicated website,   


VisitScotland’s Ancestral Welcome Registered Scheme

VisitScotland’s Ancestral Welcome wishes to engage with those who are passionate and committed to meeting the needs of ancestral visitors.  It recognises the enthusiasm and interest made by registered participants to provide for ancestral visitors.


To find out more about how your business can become Ancestral Welcome Registered, please see our guidance notes and code of conduct.


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