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As Scotland's national tourism board one of VisitScotland's roles is to contribute to the Tourism 2020 Strategy ambition of growing tourism revenue to £1bn by 2020. Partnership working is central to the delivery of the Tourism 2020 Strategy, and VisitScotland’s Marketing and Corporate Plan. We work with a wide range of partners – international, national, regional, local, commercial and non-commercial to accelerate sustainable economic growth and further the aims of tourism in Scotland. Our partnerships are non-exclusive and can work in various ways, tailored to mutual objectives which may include sharing of content, data, analytics or delivering joint activity or campaigns.  

We believe that every visit enriches Scotland and the people we welcome and we strive to nurture every visitor and make them a life-long Scotland ambassador. Working with partners we want to attract more visitors to Scotland and ensure that visitors have a positive experience of their time in Scotland and that collectively we deliver a world class visitor experience.

With finite resources our marketing approach is based on customer insight and we prioritise our activities within the markets and to the target audiences that we know will have an affinity with Scotland and will give the greatest return on investment.  

Our strategy for partnership is 3-tiered:

(i)  SHOWCASE – to allow us to tell Scotland’s story in new and engaging ways, increasing awareness and propensity to visit Scotland

  • Working together with partners to build our national reputation, we maintain high perceptions, bust myths and surprise visitors with new angles which support the #ScotSpirit brand message  
  • A recent example includes working with a carefully selected group of influencers to showcase Scotland to their audiences through their social media channels.

(ii) HEIGHTEN – to create greater enjoyment and allow our audience to get more out of their break to Scotland

  • Working together with partners to develop and promote different facets of a Scottish holiday, for example working with the partners to provide offers or tickets which make it easier to travel around Scotland and explore more – e.g travel passes; deals with car hire companies, etc
  • In this respect we are expanding the ‘free’ shared use of our own data base of tourist information (under non-exclusive licence agreements), by seeking partnerships with, for example, satellite navigation companies to enhance their offerings to the public, and thereby provide a wealth of tourist information to their users of things to see & do and places to visit in Scotland.

(iii) FACILITATE –to make it an easier decision for our audience to take a break/holiday in Scotland 

  • Working together with partners to help visitors travel around Scotland by air, train, ferry, hiring a car or by promotion of accommodation/hotel & tours
  • Recent examples include: promotion of Scotland in partnership with a Canadian tour operator; travel offers to our email database; and promotion of Scotland in conjunction with the new Norwegian flight from North America to Edinburgh.

More information on our marketing strategy is available here.

If you would like to work in partnership with VisitScotland, please contact

Please note that VisitScotland is not bound to proceed with or work in partnership with any potential partner who sends an enquiry to the abovementioned email address, and VisitScotland reserves the right to cancel any partnership programme or amend its strategy for partnership at any time.

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