The VisitScotland Brand


VisitScotland conducted extensive brand research in late 2001/early 2002 to find out why people visited Scotland and what the country represented as a brand.


The research showed that Scotland has world famous icons such as whisky, tartan, golf and castles along with strong, romantic and rich imagery. The people of Scotland are respected and admired throughout the world but there were issues with the destination being seen as expensive and remote.


Emerging from the research were three key words, each representing the Scottish brand:

  • Enduring - The buildings and architecture, history, culture and tradition.
  • Dramatic - Dramatic scenery, beautiful light and the drama of the changing weather.
  • Human - The Scots are seen as down to earth, innovative, solid and dependable, and full of integrity and pride. The survey showed that people felt they got the genuine article when they came to Scotland and that there was nothing synthetic about Scotland.

The consumer branding research also showed that the tourism industry should work towards four core values for a successful future:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Generosity of spirit

  • Canny       

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