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UK Market Segmentation


VisitScotland has developed a segmentation model of the UK visitor market. The model identifies groups of consumers and is used by VisitScotland to inform UK marketing strategies and to help guide marketing spend.


The latest model was developed in 2013/14. Read profiles of the target UK segments below.


PDF document An Overview of VisitScotland's Target UK Segments - Full Document size 4.2mb (published 2014)


Individual Segment Profiles


PDF document Individual Segment Profile - Adventure Seekers size 1mb (published 2014)


PDF document Individual Segment Profile - Curious Travellers size 1mb  (published 2014)


PDF document Individual Segment Profile - Engaged Sightseers size 1mb (published 2014)


PDF document Individual Segment Profile - Food-Loving Culturalists size 1mb (published 2014)


PDF document Individual Segment Profile - Natural Advocates size 1mb (published 2014)


Consumer Insights from Segmentation Study


Research into the behaviour of UK consumers was undertaken to inform the segmentation model. Read key headline figures from the research.


PDF document An Overview of UK Consumer Holiday Behaviour size 1mb (published November 2013)


PDF document An Overview of UK General Holidaytaking Behaviour size 1mb (published November 2013)



Additional Resources


Please also read insights from research on the UK market within additional pages of the Research & Statistics section. Please see the following links:


Tourism Sectors Section - Holiday Planning & Booking (link to Consumer Research into Offers)


Visitor Research Section - Visitor Survey (links to Scotland Visitor Survey and Islands Visitor Surveys)


Trends and Insights Section - Monthly Trends Update (regular updates on the UK market)




PDF document Scotland - An Insight Into Our Segments (VisitScotland Segmentation Model Developed in 2006) size 1.9mb

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