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Key Statistics on Tourism in Scotland


The information below provides a handy summary of the key statistics on tourism in Scotland, including the volume and value of tourism and information about our major markets. The Tourism in Scotland 2012 report is available to download below, together with earlier years, as PDF documents. A 2013 report will be available in late summer 2014.


Volume and Value of Overnight Tourism in Scotland, 2012 (Great Britain, Northern Ireland & Overseas)


 Country of Residence Trips 2012 (m) Nights 2012 (m) Spend (£m)
Scotland              6.49              18.14         1,105
England              6.05              24.01         1,703
Wales              0.22                1.17             84
Total Great Britain            12.75              43.32         2,891
Northern Ireland              0.33               1.15             88
Total Overseas              2.23             17.5         1,401
TOTAL OVERNIGHT            15.31             61.97         4,380



PDF document  Tourism in Scotland 2012 published August 2013


PDF document  Tourism in Scotland 2011


PDF document  Tourism in Scotland 2010


PDF document  Tourism in Scotland 2009


PDF document  Tourism in Scotland 2008


PDF document  Tourism in Scotland 2007


PDF document  Tourism in Scotland 2006


Notes on Interpretation of Data

The Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) is a national consumer survey analysing overnight domestic tourism trips taken by residents of Great Britain. The Great Britain Tourism Survey was previously known as the United Kingdom Tourism Survey.


Data presented in the VisitScotland factsheet ‘Key Facts on Tourism’ from 2011 onwards is based only on residents of Great Britain (Scotland, England and Wales).  Previously data was collected for the UK (including Northern Ireland). In the 2011 report, GB volume and value information is provided for the last 3 years for comparison purposes. No changes have been made to the fact sheets produced from 2006 to 2010. These include the whole of the UK, and cannot be directly compared with results from the new Great Britain survey.


Northern Ireland Supplement

From January 2011 onwards, data about trips taken by Northern Ireland residents is being collected separately by NISRA (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency) and will no longer be reported as part of a UK-wide survey.

Data provided by NISRA can be viewed in the ‘Tourism in Scotland: Northern Ireland Supplement’, available to download below. This provides an overview of overnight tourism trips to Scotland made by residents of Northern Ireland.


PDF document Tourism in Scotland 2012 - Northern Ireland Supplement published August 2013


PDF document Tourism in Scotland 2011 - Northern Ireland Supplement

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