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The latest tourism performance statistics are available within this section.

For past copies of the publications below, please visit the Archive Reports section.


Latest Updates

Commentary from VisitScotland's Insights Team provides a round up of the latest monthly statistics available on Scotland's tourism.


In 2016, a new data processing platform was introduced to deliver the GBTS survey, and with this new platform, some changes were made to the way that results were calculated for a small number of respondents. This has resulted in a break in the time series reporting for the project. Further detail about the changes made and guidance about how to interpret results are found on the website.  Documents provides a comprehensive overview of the changes made, the reasons for these, and the way they have impacted results reporting. For more information, please click here.


PDF download image  Scotland's Tourism Performance Q3 2017 (504kb)
PDF download image  Scotland's Tourism Performance Q2 2017 (0.8MB)
PDF download image  Scotland's Tourism Performance Q1 2017 (1.1MB)
 PDF download image  Scotland's Tourism Performance Summary Report 2016 (1.2MB)
 PDF download image  Tourism Employment in Scotland 2015 (2.4MB) Published January 2017


Tourism in Scotland 2016 Fact Sheet

VisitScotland's latest fact sheet provides a summary of all tourism statistics for Scotland in 2016 and includes information on the volume and value of overnight tourism and day trips. Visit the Archive Reports for past copies.


PDF document Tourism in Scotland 2016 (6.9MB) Updated May 2018
PDF document Tourism in Scotland 2016 - NI Supplement (17MB) Published September 2017 


Tourism in Scotland's Regions 2016 Fact Sheet

VisitScotland's latest regional fact sheet provides a summary of tourism statistics by region of Scotland. Visit the Archive Reports for past copies.


PDF document Tourism in Scotland's Region 2016 (6.7MB) Updated May 2018


Advisory note on availability of local statistics

Visitor statistics are largely obtained from surveys. These surveys are compiled from interviews with visitors either at home or on holiday in Scotland and are extremely costly to undertake. 

We endeavour to provide relevant and useful data. The number of survey respondents involved generally provide good insight at national level. However sample size can be too small to provide accurate, representative figures for smaller regions or specific sectors.


We recommend using the regional fact sheet in conjunction with other sources or indicators, to build up a realistic picture of tourism in a local area. Other sources of local information might include your local authority, local tourism group or fellow tourism businesses in your area.


National Surveys Annual Reports

The above VisitScotland fact sheets summarise key data from a number of wider sources, including the Great Britain Tourism Survey, The International Passenger Survey and the Great Britain Day Visits Survey. Further detail is available within the following latest annual reports. Visit the Archive Reports for past copies.


The Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) 2016

The 2015 annual report provides analysis across all of Great Britain, including statistics for Scotland.


GB Tourist 2016 - GBTS annual report  (2.95MB) published Dec 2017


The Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS) 2016

The latest 2016 annual report provides analysis across all of the UK for Tourism Day Visits by GB residents, including statistics for Scotland.


In 2016, GB residents took a total of 1,834 million tourism day visits. 8% (142 million) were taken to Scottish destinations. Around £64 billion was spent during these trip in GB by GB residents, £4.9 billion was in Scotland.


PDF document GB Day Visit Survey 2016 Annual Report (5.2MB) updated September 2017



Additional Information

Additional data is available throughout the Research section of this website..

  • To read data from the Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey, including regional occupancy please visit the Tourism Sectors-Accommodation section.

  • Regional fact sheets reporting findings from the Scotland Visitor Survey are available. The Scotland Visitor Survey reports on visitor experiences during the summer months only and does not measure numbers of visitors or amount of spending.

  • A sector review of Scotland's National Parks is available within the Tourism Sectors - Nature Based Tourism section of this website. The review is based on 2011 and 2012 data.

  • More detailed information about the profile of visitors from individual overseas markets to Scotland is available within the Visitor Research-International Markets section.

  • To read more about the main surveys listed above and the methodology please visit the About the Surveys section.

  • To access past copies of any fact sheets or reports listed above please visit the Archive Reports section.
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