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The following are the latest quarterly and annual statistics from the main tourism monitor surveys managed by VisitScotland.  Due to the time involved in collecting and analysing the data from visitors and businesses, there is an unavoidable period of some weeks between the end of a month and the reporting of its statistics.  We work with our survey agencies to minimise this delay.


For further information, please go to the National StatisticsRegions or Tourism Sectors pages.


Monthly Trends and Statistics Summary


Our Monthly Trends and Statistics Summary is a snapshot of the latest information on tourism in Scotland. It also provides a commentary on the drivers influencing consumers and businesses now and in the future. To download the monthly summary, visit our Trends & Insights page.


The following tables represent a consistent timeseries of data across the monitors for the available quarterly data.


Domestic Overnight Tourism (GB markets) - 2014


Jan - Mar (Q1), 2014  Trips (m) Nights


(£ m)

Q2/2013 to Q1/2014  11.9 41.3  £2868
% change from Q2/2012 to Q1/2013 -8.1% -7.5% -0.9%
 Q1/2014 1.9  5.3  £398
% change from Q1/2013 -10.8% -21.2% -4.8%

Source: Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS)


For further information please go to the National Statistics - UK statistics pages.


International Tourism - 2014


Jan - Mar (Q1), 2014  Trips (m) Nights



Q2/2013 to Q1/2014




% change from Q2/2012 to Q1/2013 13.2% 6.5%  14.2%
Q1/2014 0.3


% change from Q1/2013 14.6% -21.2% -24.9%

Source: International Passenger Survey (IPS)

*** (Awaiting data)


An Excel pivot table of IPS data for Scotland is available on the VisitBritain website.

You can find more information from the IPS on, by searching for the MQ6 publication


For further information on all international markets, please go to the National Statistics - International statistics pages. Further information on individual international markets can be found in the Visitor Research section.


Accommodation Occupancy - 2014


For more information and analysis, please visit the Occupancy pages in the National Statistics section.


Jan - Mar (Q1), 2014

Hotels (Room)



Hostel, Bothy & Bunkhouse (Bed) Touring Caravan & Camping (Pitch)**

Occupancy  Average Q1/2014

58%      23%  26%         36%   N/A

Change from Q1/2013 percentage points (pp)

-1pp    -7pp -1pp        5pp   N/A


Source: Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey 

* Methodology for Self catering measurement changed in 2011 with Serviced Apartments being reclassified from Self Catering to Hotels.

** Touring caravan & camping pitch occupancy survey runs April to October



The Great Britain Day Visits Survey - 2014


 Jan - Mar (Q1), 2014  Trips (m) Spend (£m)
Q1/2014  26 £921
% change from Q1/2013 -7.0% -8.7%

Source: Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS)


For further information on day visits, please go to the National Statistics - Day Visits pages.



Due to the methodology of collecting the information all figures are considered provisional and may be subject to change. The data shown may not total or add to 100% due to rounding. As with all surveys the data is subject to sampling errors. Future publication dates are approximate, VisitScotland are subject to data provision from third parties and as such cannot guarantee the availability of specific data.

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