Food and Drink


Enjoying Scotland's food and drink is an important part of our visitors' experience. VisitScotland works with a number of partners to enhance the food and drink experience for the visitor, including The Year of Food and Drink Scotland which took place in 2015.


The Role of Food & Drink in the Visitor Experience

The following paper highlights the latest insights regarding food and drink and Scottish tourism.


PDF document Opening up Scotland’s Larder to our Visitors - Exploring the Role of Food & Drink in the Visitor Experience (2mb) published October 2017


Consumer Research - Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016

Overnight visitors to Scotland were asked about various aspects of their food and drink experience in Scotland. Available to download is a summary of the food & drink findings from the Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016.


PDF document Food and Drink - Insights from the Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016 (1.8mb) published May 2017


The full results from the Scotland Visitor Survey can be found in the Visitor Research section of this website.


The Growth of Craft Beer & The Scottish Tourism Industry:
How Your Business Can Benefit

VisitScotland conducted research in conjunction with The Brewers Association of Scotland (TBAS) in order to better understand the potential craft beer has for enhancing the tourism experience through the food and drink industry in Scotland. The following paper highlights the potential craft beer has in enhancing the Scottish tourism product, as well as offering stakeholders food for thought on how this trend could positively impact their business.


PDF document The Growth of Craft Beer & The Scottish Tourism Industry: How Your Business Can Benefit

(4.3mb) published July 2016


Whisky Tourism - Facts and Insight

The following paper is a brief overview of the Scottish Whisky industry and its importance in regards to Scottish Tourism. This paper has been compiled using a number of secondary sources as well as research conducted by VisitScotland.


PDF document Whisky Tourism - Facts and Insights (0.5mb) published March 2015


VisitBritain Research

VisitBritain have published statistics on how many international visitors to Britain visited pubs, bars and nightclubs. For more information please visit the Food & Drink section of their website or to access a copy of relevant PDFs please click on the link below:


PDF document VisitBritain - How the World Views Britain's Food (published 2016)


PDF document VisitBritain - The Importance of the Pub to Inbound Tourism (published May 2012)



Additional Resources


Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) have a series of tourism webinars available on their website, including two webinars on food and drink. They also have a playlist on YouTube of the most webinars.


For more information on the food & drink industry, please visit the website of Scotland Food & Drink, a leadership organisation for the industry in Scotland.


For wider information, please also read about the initiatives and national food & drink policy made available via The Scottish Government.


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