Culture & Heritage


Scotland's cultural offering is a key attraction for holidaymakers choosing Scotland as a holiday destination. VisitScotland works with a wide range of partners connected with cultural tourism. In broad terms cultural tourism includes (although this is not an exclusive list):

  • Built and historical heritage (buildings castles, stately homes)
  • Cultural heritage (museums, galleries, performing arts, culinary culture)
  • Contemporary culture (music, film/TV, fashion)

Scotland's Culture & Heritage 

The Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016 identifies motivations for visiting Scotland and popular activities undertaken whilst here, featuring key elements of Scotland’s culture and heritage offering. To read the results please see the Scotland Visitor Survey within the Visitor Research section.


Highlands and Islands Enterprise have a webinar on Cultural Tourism available to view via their website.


Gaelic Language

Overnight visitors to Scotland were asked about their interest in the Gaelic language within the Scotland Visitor Survey. Available to download is a summary of these specific findings from the Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016.


PDF document Consumer Interest in Gaelic Language - Insights from the Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016 (1.2mb) published May 2017


The full results from the Scotland Visitor Survey can be found within the Visitor Research section.


The Scottish Government commissioned a report in 2011 looking at attitudes towards the Gaelic language. Please visit their website to download a copy of the research findings.


Highlands and Islands Enterprise also have a webinar on Gaelic available to view via their website.


Film Tourism

Further information relating to film tourism is available via the Tourism Sectors - Film Tourism page on this site.


Culture & Heritage 

VisitBritain publish research on the topic on the Cultural, Heritage and Attractions section of their website. Research on a wide range of topics is available including: 


PDF documentVisitBritain - Role of Culture & Heritage in The Top 3 Inbound UK Markets (France, Germany, USA) (published 2014)


PDF documentVisitBritain - Culture & Heritage Topic Profile (published 2010)


PDF documentVisitBritain - Sightseeing Famous Buildings & Going on Guided Tours (published April 2014)


PDF documentVisitBritain - Activities Undertaken by Overseas Visitors 2011 (including museums, galleries, castles, historic homes)



Additional Resources

Additional organisations of interest include:


Creative Scotland


Scottish Government (Arts and Culture Research)


Culture, External Affairs and Tourism Research Network


Museum Galleries Scotland

National Library of Scotland


Historic Environment Scotland


National Trust for Scotland


Scottish Natural Heritage




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