How To Take Part in the Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey


Data on occupancy in Scotland’s tourist accommodation sectors is gathered and analysed through the Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey (SAOS).  This is commissioned by VisitScotland and carried out by research agency, The Moffat Centre. Sectors covered by the survey are:

  • Hotels 
  • Guest House and Bed & Breakfast 
  • Self-Catering 
  • Caravan & Camping 
  • Hostels

Why should I record my Occupancy?

Accommodation businesses are strongly advised to take part in the Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey. You can enter your data using our online tool, which is free, quick and easy to use. There are lots of ways in which your business can benefit from taking part.


How will my business benefit?

By entering your data into the Accommodation Occupancy Survey, you can:

  • monitor your performance
  • benchmark your business against others
  • use the results as proof of performance for funding purposes
  • store your occupancy figures so that over time you can identify trends and areas for growth 
  • Receive extracts from the Moffat Centre's Visitor Attractions Barometer to better understand the tourism sector in your region

How does the tool work?

You enter your monthly occupancy details and you automatically receive reports back, so that you can benchmark your business against others.


Perhaps you'd like to compare yourself to other Scottish hotels of the same star rating? Or against all accommodation businesses in your region?


The information you enter is stored and you can use this to monitor you occupancy figures over time. You can also use the reports if you ever need proof of performance for funding or loan purposes.


Do I have to take part?

Participation in the survey is not compulsory, but you are strongly urged to take part. The value of information from the SAOS depends on the number of participating accommodation businesses. It's important that we gather as much information as possible from the accommodation sector.


If you are a Scottish accommodation business, and you would like to benefit from this free opportunity to monitor your occupancy, please contact The Moffat Centre:



Phone: 0141 331 8400



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