Top Tips to become more Sustainable



Here are 10 simple top-tips to become more sustainable and improve your bottom-line:

  1. Use energy efficient light bulbs - they last around ten times longer than ordinary bulbs and fitting one energy saving light bulb in your business could save £10 a year and use 80% less electricity than a conventional bulb.Imagine the potential energy saving on all your lighting?
  2. Install general water saving devices to help reduce the volume of water you use.
  3. Turn thermostats on radiators down by just 1°C - saving the planet and your bottom-line.
  4. Get your visitors to help you save money - be proud and communicate the efforts you’re taking to be more resource efficient and ask your visitors to also consider their usage too, for example accommodation providers could encourage guests to retain bed linen and towels for more than one day to reduce laundry volume. 
  5. Make sure all your promotional materials are sustainable - use recycled paper, recycle ink cartridges, source low polluting vegetable-based inks and environmentally responsible designers and printers.
  6. Local supply networks - use local artists and crafts in your business to make it distinctive.
  7. Local area - provide your visitors with the top ten things to see and do in your area without a car.
  8. Organise a community litter pick in your area.
  9. Tackling Seasonality - try extending your open season by a week or two at either end.
  10. Staff engagement - appoint staff members as sustainable champions to monitor your business progress.


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