Better Business Series


Sustainable Tourism


There are key environmental, social and economic areas to look at before you can consider your business sustainable, by addressing these you will ensure your business is on the right track with the added benefits of reducing your business costs and increasing your profit margin.


Reasons why Sustainable Tourism makes good business sense:


  • Increases efficiency and reduces running costs
  • Enhances the visitor experience
  • Provides market advantage
  • Ensures we protect and enhance our environment and cultural heritage  
  • Ensures legal compliance
  • Supports risk and reputation management


According to our latest research over 94% of quality assured tourism businesses in Scotland have are already implemented sustainability actions with most focusing on:

  • Promotion of natural and cultural heritage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste management

Although the business case for sustainability has already been understood and acted upon by thousands of businesses, there is still more that can be done across a range of areas. In support of this VisitScotland in conjunction with Resource Efficient Scotland have produced a suite of advice guides called the Better Business Series.


Better Business Series


Our Better Business Series has been developed to support businesses to enhance their visitor experience and improve service, provide cost saving opportunities and increase business efficiency. There are many actions which are simple and cost little or nothing, which your business can benefit from quickly.


Our guides provide you with advice and tips on 11 different topics ranging from energy efficiency to community engagement and sustainable marketing. Some of the topic areas such as energy, water, sustainable management and waste have accompanying factsheets which give much more detail on specific cost saving opportunities, for example, you will find the energy guide has additional links to dedicated fact sheets on low-energy lighting options, draught proofing and heating controls:


1 EnergyEfficiency


PDF documentEnergy - size 1.09mb


Energy fact sheets covering:

  1. Boiler controls
  2. Draught proofing, double glazing and insulation
  3. Heating and cooling settings
  4. Lighting controls
  5. Low-energy lighting options
  6. Renewable energy source


2 Water


PDF documentWater - size 1.73mb


Water fact sheets covering:

  1. Saving water: taps and showers
  2. Saving water: toilets and urinals



3 Waste Management


PDF documentWaste - size 2.59mb


Waste fact sheets covering:

  1. Reducing and recycling food waste
  2. Reducing and recycling packaging waste




4 Travel


PDF documentTravel - size 3.96mb

Sustainable Purchasing


PDF documentSustainable Purchasing - size 1.39mb

6 Natural Cultural


PDF documentNatural & Cultural Heritage -size 3.15mb

7 Community Engagement


PDF documentCommunity Engagement - size 0.98mb


Help us keep Scotland special -Responsible Visitor Guide

8 Sustainable Management


PDF document Sustainable Management - size 2.91mb


Fact sheet on monitoring energy consumption

9 Sustainable Marketing


PDF document Sustainable Marketing - size 2.20mb  

10 Climate Change


PDF document Preparing your business for climate changes - size 2.06mb

11 Financial Support


PDF documentFinancial Support - size 699kb

























The Better Business Series has been produced by VisitScotland in conjunction with Resource Efficient Scotland.

The energy, waste and water fact sheet series has been produced by VisitScotland with content contributions from Carbon Trust and Resource Efficient Scotland.





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