Ancestral Tourism Welcome Scheme


VisitScotland has identified ancestral tourism as an important market in Scotland, with an estimated 50 million people worldwide claiming Scottish ancestry including the key long-haul markets of North America, Australia and New Zealand.


It is thought that 213,000 trips are made per annum to Scotland by visitors who take part in ancestral research amounting to £101 million for the Scottish economy.


Research shows that 68% of North Americans cited ‘genealogy/researching ancestors’ as a motivation for travel to Scotland, with ancestral tourists staying longer and spending significantly more than the average visitor to Scotland.


The Ancestral Welcome Scheme has been developed by VisitScotland in partnership with the Scottish Ancestral Tourism Group and includes a toolkit providing knowledge to businesses of where visitors can seek further help and assistance to trace their family tree.


Criteria for Participation

To participate in the scheme you must meet the requirements of the Welcome Scheme criteria.


To support the scheme VisitScotland has developed a toolkit on the ancestral tourism market.

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