Taste Our Best video transcript


Taste our Best is important. It is an accreditation of our Chef’s determination to use local Scottish produce in a Scottish country house hotel, showcasing what Scotland has to offer to our travel tourism.


We use Taste our Best mostly online, mostly on our website. So, whether people are searching for information on Rosslyn Chapel form the other side of the world or they are using their mobile phone from the other side of the street it is part of the message that it is going to be a good quality visit. And I think if people, if people are planning a day or a visit; they want to have their expectations met. Their expectations are high, they want to know that the food that we offer is Scottish where possible. They want to know that is its locally sourced, locally supplied and Taste our Best gives us the chance to actually shout about how good our local suppliers are and how Scottish the offering is in our coffee shop.


Taste our Best is important to us because it requires us to operate to a certain standard. And that is a standard that we rather expect our clients will know about before they come in; so when they see that we have Taste our Best accreditation they will have a certain expectation and we have a requirement to deliver to at least that expectation.


We know from past experience that Taste our Best is something that our visitors are looking for, local Scottish ingredients. We will use the logo on our website, in our promotional material and as an accreditation of the excellent work that our chef does to use local producers to give us great local fare.


Taste our Best is really important to our business we pride ourselves  on serving the best seasonal local produce, local where possible, and Taste our Best really gives us the opportunity to showcase what we can do in the kitchen and on our menu’s. It also helps focus the staff’s mind and attention and indeed my own mind and attention to ensure that provenance is prominent in the menus and that the ingredients are actually coming from where they say they are. So it is really good to help develop the team’s knowledge as well my own.


We are based on Shetland, which is remote. We are 150 miles away from the Scottish mainland, so in order to be providing our clients with the best possible, fresh, quality produce that we can we have to be using food which is sourced, as much as possible, on Shetland. Taste our Best provides us with verification provided by VisitScotland that we are doing that. That our food is as fresh as it possibly can be, that it is good local produce, that it has very few food miles attached to it and our clients know that because of the Taste our Best accreditation.

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