Mystery Visits


Mystery Visits can help ensure that your customer service is always at its best.


VisitScotland offers a bespoke Mystery Visit, or programme of Mystery Visits, that measures your business's standard of customer care and provides a benchmark for service.


Our expert assessors will work with you to ensure your visit is totally bespoke, taking account of your specific needs. After the visit you will be provided with valuable, detailed and objective feedback (written and verbal) which can:

  • Provide a measure of your service and customer care
  • Assess how well you are meeting your corporate standards
  • Be used to develop staff training, operational processes or as a motivational tool

What businesses have said about this service:


"Here at Radisson Blu Glasgow, the VisitScotland Mystery Visit programme has helped reinforce our ‘Yes I Can’ ethos and our focus on consistency of service for all guests.


The programme has generated great buy-in from the team

“I have been delighted with the Mystery Visit service as it has enabled us to achieve consistency and to enhance the attention to detail and personal service offered to our guests at the Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa.


Through a regular Mystery Visit programme and direct feedback through both the report and the face-to-face meeting we have had detailed observations on all aspects of our operations from both the quality of product and service standpoints.”

“VisitScotland’s Mystery Visit scheme is ideal for Edinburgh Bus Tours. The scheme is flexible, allowing us to approach each visit with a new brief, if required. The visit is followed up by a call which is backed up with a comprehensive report.


Five star for service and value for money, and we never known when they’re amongst us!"


What does it cost?


Type of business  Price Type of business Price
Hotel (1 night stay) From £636.50 Golf Course (must be attached to a hotel)  From £404.50
Hotel (2 night stay) From £1096.00 Hostel

From £288.50

Spa (must be attached to a hotel) From £288.50 Visitor Attraction From £404.50


Full price list available in the how to join our Quality Assurance scheme section


How to arrange a Mystery Visit


If you would like to arrange a Mystery Visit or find out more fill out a new enquiry form, or if you are an existing customer contact your Industry Relationship Manager.

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