How does TrustYou benefit me?

Through VisitScotland’s partnership with TrustYou, in addition to the TrustScore and meta-review, accommodation providers have access to a template survey that can be used to increase the number of online reviews and can be sent to guests that have stayed with the business.

Businesses can receive survey results directly through TrustYou or refer guests to popular survey sites like HolidayCheck, Google Plus, and Yelp. 


Using the TrustYou survey offers many benefits:

  • Helps build the bank of reviews if a business has a minimal amount of existing reviews or older reviews. Remember, the newer reviews are given a higher weighting and the score only contains reviews from the past 24 months
  • A unique relationship between TrustYou and Google allows TrustYou survey responses to be pushed to Google as Google reviews. This has significant SEO impact for a business, generates better search engine return and increases the amount of click-throughs and ultimately bookings
  • Using the TrustYou survey on average increases a TrustScore by 8%
  • Provides a new business with a clear route to establish and manage their online reputation
  • Survey results offer constructive criticism and suggestions enabling a business to make the most of their strengths and improve any of their weaknesses.

Additional options 

Accommodation providers can also sign up for additional paid-for features with TrustYou including TrustYou analytics. Here you will receive access to a dashboard where you can monitor performance of various measures. 

The dashboard helps you keep track of and respond to new reviews and set targets. There is also access to a dedicated social tab, custom reports and a comparison tab to benchmark against your competitors.


You can find out more about these options on the TrustYou website.

If you would like to ‘opt out’ of TrustYou on your web listing please email:

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