How does TrustYou work?


TrustYou searches the internet, analysing and refining opinions from reviews of accommodation providers.

These opinions are used to calculate a TrustScore and to create a review summary for an accommodation provider. 

This begins to develop the visitors picture of the standard of accommodation and experience offered, complementing any Quality Assurance star rating and aiding them in the decision-making process.


Any accommodation provider that has enough review information to create a TrustScore (a minimum of 10 reviews over the past 24 months), will have this information displayed on their web listing. 



Review data from the past 24 months is used to calculate a TrustScore between 0 and 100, with the most recent reviews being given a greater weighting than older reviews. The scores will change depending on the volume and frequency of guest reviews. 



The score bands are defined as follows:


0 - 67 = Poor

68 - 74= Fair

75 - 79 = Good

80 - 85 = Very Good

86 - 100 = Excellent


Review summary (meta-review)
Reviews are gathered from genuine visitor experiences, giving a summary of the accommodation and highlighting keywords that are used frequently in these. 

Review highlights are presented through a traffic light system, ranking things like location, service, room, food and Wi-Fi. The green, amber and red system translates to positive, neutral and negative summaries, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the accommodation.


Accommodation providers can also integrate a live review summary on to their own website. This encourages visitors to book directly on your site and increases search engine optimisation (SEO) as the live review summary adds fresh content to the accommodation website (which search engines love). The more reviews you have, the better for SEO, e.g. increases your ranking on Google.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the ways in which businesses increase the amount of visitors to their website by obtaining a position near to the top of the search results in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.



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