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Scotland's national tourism website visitscotland.com welcomes more than 20 million visitors a year, providing inspirational information on all areas of Scotland before, during and after their visit.


Visitscotland.com acts as a portal to connect visitors with tourism businesses that have a physical presence in Scotland such as accommodation providers, attractions, retailers and activity based businesses.


We want to ensure that we deliver a great online experience, inspiring visitors and making it easy for them to find the information they need to plan and book a trip to Scotland.


How to request your free listing


Please ensure you read our web listing criteria below.


Complete our Online Form to take advantage of a free listing on visitscotland.com.


Have an image, a short teaser description and a main, more detailed, description of your business ready before you fill in the online form.


Web listing criteria


All requests will be reviewed individually and we reserve the right to refuse any business applying for a listing on the site. Here are a few notes of guidance:


Businesses with a web listing on visitscotland.com must be based in Scotland and be conducting their business in Scotland for the benefit of visitors to Scotland.

Online only businesses (with no physical presence) do not qualify for a web listing. We can only work with businesses that have a physical presence and offer a particular experience for visitors to Scotland when they arrive in Scotland.

We welcome applications from all types of tourism businesses, this includes:


  • Accommodation providers
  • Visitor attractions, activities, tours or experiences
  • Food and drink establishments
  • Transport providers
  • Local retail establishments.

We do not display web listings for general businesses with no connection to tourism. Visitscotland.com is an inspirational tourism website focused on driving visitors to find accommodation or experiences for their trip. Visitors can connect with additional types of businesses during their visit.

We do not display web listings for business to business (B2B) operators. The content on visitscotland.com is aimed at promoting holiday experiences for visitors, it isn't a business directory for operators. Visitors who need this type of service will be able to seek guidance during their visit.


Make the most of your listing


Once your web listing is live, you can update it yourself at any time via your Extranet. Make sure you know how to make the most of it using our Essential Extranet Guide.

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