Digital Support for tourism businesses

Our team of Industry Relationship Managers (IRMs) are always on hand to offer support and advice around a range of topics relevant to tourism businesses. From digital advice to your Quality Assurance grading or our VIP programme there is a range of topics we can cover.  
All businesses can receive a free business surgery that is customised to their business needs. This can be tailored to, but not limited to, advice on working with the travel trade, our VIP programme, iCentre opportunities, Taste Our Best, Welcome schemes and all other aspects of working with VisitScotland. Alternatively, we can use the time to offer some digital assistance and offer support around:

  • Your VisitScotland web listing
  • The importance of online bookability and how to display your availability on
  • Advice on how to optimise your digital presence by being mobile friendly and appearing in local search
  • Managing your online reputation, by responding to reviews and using TripAdvisor and TrustYou
  • Social media and the suitability of different platforms, content inspiration and the value of paid advertising

Additional support


At the end of the business surgery we will email you a report that highlights the discussions and actions we made. This will also include suggested next steps of support with links to online resources and workshops that are relevant and tailored to help you take action and make improvements in the areas you wish.
For our Quality Assured businesses we can offer further digital support in the form of a digital review and look at a business’s digital performance. To do this we need read access to your Google Analytic data and once granted we can cover:

  • Insights into page speed and mobile friendly usage
  • A review of the websites traffic sources
  • Guidance on the different reports and data available in Google Analytics
  • Further insights into social media usage and online reputation management

If you are interested in arranging a business surgery with your Industry Relationship Manager then please email your interest to
If you would like a more in depth review and are happy to give us read access to your Google Analytics then please also request this through the email address above.

If you are not currently participating in one of our Quality Assurance schemes, and would like to find out more, go to our Quality Assurance page.  


Digital Tourism Scotland


As well as VisitScotland support the Digital Tourism Scotland website is an essential digital resource for any businesses looking to use digital marketing and technology to grow their business.  Visit the website here to find workshops in your region and read through the abundance of online resources.  

The Visitor Feedback Learning Hub is an additional online course from Digital Tourism Scotland that offers free practical advice for experienced users and those just getting to grips with the basics of Online Reputation Management. In these bitesize courses they cover the importance of visitor’s feedback, the types of online feedback and how to manage your customer feedback across a range of online tools including social media and booking sites.
For the best experience we would recommend using your laptop or tablet to complete each course, however you can also use the Litmos app to complete these courses. If you login on your mobile device you will be directed to this automatically.
Click here to register free. Make sure you enter code SCOT when you first register.
Already signed up? Click here to login.
If you have any questions about your course please email the support team at who will get back to you as soon as they can.


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