World Host Customer Service Training - Edzell

Are you looking to improve your customer service skills? This one day training course will provide you with the skills to ensure that you and your business are engaging with your customers in the most effective way.


Angus Council is now an established World Host training provider and delivering training across Angus with a goal of achieving World Host Destination status for Angus.


Employers who have supported staff to complete the training have reported that staff as a result:


• Are more motivated, engaged and loyal

• Have improved both their local tourism and product knowledge

• Are more confident and empowered to deal with customers positively

• Are less likely to want to change jobs

• Communicate better within the business

The course will explain and reinforce:

• Why customer service is such an important part of their role

• How to make an excellent first impression and make customers feel welcome

• How using customers’ names can help create a good rapport, and techniques for remembering names

• Communication skills

• How to empathise with customers and why handling their concerns is so important


WorldHost customer service training has been delivered to over one million people worldwide. This includes tens of thousands of volunteers and staff at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and at the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. Both games were widely praised for the fantastic welcome and customer service that visitors’ received.


The WorldHost Regional Destination Initiative was launched in Scotland in 2014, giving businesses in the visitor economy sector the opportunity to gain what is now regarded as a ‘must-have’ badge for customer service. A light lunch will be provided as part of the World Host training.

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