Tourism Innovations for an Ageing Population

This free event will help tourism businesses address challenges and maximise opportunities from the growing senior tourism market.


Senior customers can bring higher than average spend, repeat visits, and consumer loyalty to a country, destination or business. Whilst catering for this age group has many benefits, meeting the needs of people with dementia, additional caring needs or mobility issues, for example, takes initiative and innovative thinking. As this is a potentially lucrative market, Interface are working with partners to equip the Scottish tourism sector for the diverse needs of senior travellers.


This event will bring together tourism businesses and tourism stakeholders in Scotland to hear about the latest academic research. There will be a range of speakers sharing their expertise, market insights and new technologies which can enhance your plans.


Come along to give your business and destination the edge in maximising the volume and value of senior tourists and help deliver experiences which exceed their expectations. Gain useful perspectives and make new contacts with other businesses, tourism stakeholders and Scottish universities. 


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