MBTAG Youth Tourism Event & Workshop

  • Date from: 31/10/17 09:00
  • Date to: 31/10/17 13:00
  • Venue: Carfraemill Hotel, Lauder
  • Cost: FREE
  • Organiser: Jemma Reid - MBTAG
  • Email contact: jemma@mbtag.uk
  • Url: www.mbtag.uk
  • Phone:
  • Segment: All
  • Topic: Business Growth
  • Region: Borders

Whether students are on their first trip abroad, backpackers on a gap year or a group of friends on a weekend break - the Scottish Borders and Midlothian has an abundance of things to suit this market which is growing so fast and is set to dominate future travel.


Youth travellers are looking for many of the same authentic experiences as other visitors. However, research suggests a fundamental change is required in the way we do business with them if we are to make the most of the opportunities the youth travel market presents.


MBTAG (Midlothian Borders Tourism Action Group) is hosting this event for tourism businesses from the Scottish Borders and Midlothian to attend to hear what has been done in Edinburgh, what we need to do in our two regions and what simple changes you as businesses need to make in order to tap into this growing market.


This event will begin with a couple of key note speakers in the industry and then we will work in groups and create a workshop event whereby we can learn tricks of the trade, work out what we need to do as businesses and try some simple changes that will leave the youth market wanting to know more on the Scottish Borders and Midlothian.


Pete Duncan, Co-founder of Youth Travel Edinburgh. Pete will give an introduction to Youth Travel Edinburgh, how and why it started, and what it hopes to achieve. He’ll look at some of the key findings from the research behind a recently published Business Opportunity Guide and use that Guide as a basis to run a workshop session to stimulate conversation about how your business can engage with the youth market allowing you to generate ideas which can be quickly and easier incorporated into any Marketing activity you currently undertake.


Manuela Calchini, Regional Partnerships Director - South of Scotland, VisitScotland to tell us about the next years themed year 'Year of Young People' and advise what you as a tourism business could and should do to be part of this themed year and how it will benefit you.

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