Management Training - Edinburgh

Every group is different, and every individual has different needs, desires and ideas on how things should be done. Managing both your staffs’ and your own expectations can be challenging at times. However, with a good understanding of group dynamics and some useful tools, you can work with your team to produce brilliant results.


The course covers:

• The difference between management & leadership

• Understanding and addressing conflict

• Which organisational approaches foster good management

• Alternative non-hierarchical structures

• Balancing consensus with quick decision making

• Active listening, supervision & appraisals

• Managing teams - team composition, delegating & roles

• Understanding your personal management style

• Running effective meetings


During the day, participants will identify their personal management strengths and develop practical strategies they can use in the workplace. This course also allows participants to look at the alternatives to ‘top-down structures’ and how to build less hierarchical teams that are happy, empowered and productive. This leadership & management training for managers, includes a bespoke follow-up support phone call with every participant.


The day is for anyone that manages a small/medium team or organisation. If you’re new to your role you will get the perfect grounding and more experienced managers will develop new skills and learn about progressive management structures.


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