How to access available finance to cut costs and grow your business (Glasgow)

SME breakfast briefing in association with Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group.


There are lots of no-cost ways to reduce your resource use, cut bills and grow your business. However, the projects that deliver the biggest impact and savings - like installing renewables, upgrading boilers or improving lighting – always require investment. This is why many good projects stall. It's why some businesses miss out on reduced energy, water and waste bills, and the opportunity to boost competitiveness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


• Find out about the latest SME loans and grants, including interest-free loans of £1k-100k.

• Unlock new savings opportunities and revive stalled projects.

• Hear from businesses that have already accessed the funding to see how they did it and how they have benefited.

• Discover the free Government-funded support for SMEs that makes it easy to take advantage of the available funding.

• Network with other leading businesses.

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