The Year of Young People 2018 has been co-designed with young people right from the very beginning and co-design is central to all aspects of the year. Young people have been and still are at the heart of the planning and decision making. This means involving young people much earlier in the planning process through a highly participative approach in order to shape activity, rather than basic consulting at the end. The Scottish Youth Parliament, Children in Scotland and Young Scot play a key role in supporting partners and organisations to engage with young people across Scotland.




To ensure co-design continues to be a core value from start to legacy, a group of young people, Communic18, have been recruited. Supported by The Scottish Youth Parliament, Children in Scotland and Young Scot, their role is to champion the values of co-design across the whole of Scotland, ensure young people’s voices are heard and acted upon across all activity and supervise the roll-out of the six key themes. You find out more about Communic18 here.


Are there opportunities to place young people at the heart of your activity?


Read Communic18’s Co-Design Blueprint here, which sets out how young people are to be involved in planning and delivering the Year.


Workshop at East Neuk Glass


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