How to be part of the #ScotSpirit campaign


Show you’ve #ScotSpirit by choosing one of the seven elements of the Spirit of Scotland you or your business identifies most with. Share an image and/or video that best represents what the Spirit of Scotland means to you. If there’s a story behind your picture, we’d love to hear it!


Here are a few ideas:


Warmth - The warmth of a crackling fire in your bar or lounge or welcoming staff; a hearty meal made from the finest Scottish ingredients – a great opportunity to show your Taste Our Best award.


Humour - A quirky event or product from your business; a funny photo of Scotland’s wildlife in an unusual situation or location; or your customers enjoying a laugh and a joke with your staff.


Guts - People taking part in adrenaline pumping activities or your staff overcoming obstacles to give the best possible service.


Spark - A building or landmark that shows Scotland’s innovative nature; an inspirational piece of work by one of Scotland’s cutting edge artists or designers; or an innovative product that you have developed for your visitors.


Soul - Castles, monuments or soulful views from your business on a misty morning; dramatic landscapes and coastal scenery with spectacular lighting.


Determination - People taking part in challenging events like the Strathpuffer, or scaling one of our many mountains; Show your business’s determination to provide the best experience for visitors by using behind the scenes pictures.


Fun - Families enjoying themselves at a visitor attraction or enjoying outdoor activities or people having fun at one of Scotland’s many events or festivals.

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Take a look at how other businesses connect with the 7 themes for inspiration on how you can connect these to your own business offering.


Here are a few ideas from our own social media accounts of the kind of things you could think about.


VisitScotland social media accounts will be posting regularly using the #ScotSpirit hashtag so when you have the opportunity - join in the conversation and engage with our posts.


Interact with your audience about the #ScotSpirit campaign: ask questions, respond to comments and post content that adds value and engagement with your followers. 


Why not encourage your customers to post about their experiences online using #ScotSpirit. Share the hashtag #ScotSpirit next to your Wi-Fi code in your guest information or around your venue.


We will be monitoring the #ScotSpirit hashtag every day and choosing images to be re-published on VisitScotland’s social channels so make sure you use the hashtag when mentioning the campaign and, where possible, link back to the relevant VisitScotland account. Don’t forget to mention us @VisitScotNews for your business updates and @VisitScotland for lovely pictures of Scotland.


Brand your business using the #ScotSpirit Twibbon (Twitter ribbon) on your social media profiles.


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