China toolkit


Introduction to Chinese Market


Outbound travel from China has been growing quickly in the last few years and it has become the 5th largest market in the world in terms of spend on international travel. Much of this outbound travel goes to countries within Asia, but long-haul travel is increasing. Most leisure travel occurs in groups, under the Approved Destination Status (ADS) regulations, but independent travel (by those who are able) is becoming more common.


The UK was granted ADS by the Chinese National Tourism Authority (CNTA). This allows Chinese citizens to visit the UK as leisure group travellers via authorised tour operators in China and approved ADS land operators in the UK.  These operators usually also handle both business and leisure groups.  


For more statistical information on the Chinese market please visit our Research and Statistics section.


Marketing Support for your Business


Your guests are likely to have travelling experience to Asia and Australasia. However, because of cultural and language differences, it is a great idea to do something special to make them feel welcome. 


If you are currently receiving guests from China or Chinese-speaking guests from the UK, our downloadable toolkit gives you information on how to welcome Chinese visitors with specific tips and advice for, accommodation providers, attractions and retailers:  


PDF download image  Advice for Accommodation Providers - size 500kb

Includes, general tips, advice on organising food and drink, useful phrases and a sample welcome letter.


PDF download image  Advice for Attractions - size 250kb

Includes, general tips, advice on guiding, catering  Chinese translations and useful phrases.


PDF download image  Advice for Retailers - size 480kb

Includes general tips, advice on 'Made in Scotland' gifts, tax refunds, VAT information and useful phrases.


Additional Support


The following organisations offer translation and cultural advice to businesses, and both are based in Scotland:


The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC)


The leading organisation helping UK companies grow and develop their business with China. CBBC offers a comprehensive range of advice, consultancy and support to new entrants and established operations via the network of nine UK offices and presence in 11 Chinese cities. Based in Glasgow, CBBC’s Scotland office works closely with Scottish partners to promote trade & investment links between Scotland and China.


For more information about CBBC please visit


The Confucius Institute for Scotland, University of Edinburgh


National centre promoting educational, economic, and cultural ties between Scotland and China. One of almost 300 set up by Hanban, the office of Chinese Language Council - International, the award winning Institute provides a range of services and an extensive cultural and language programme.


For translation, interpretation, business card set up, and general cultural advice please email or call 0131 662 2180. For more information

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