Banners and images


A selection of banners and images are available for you to use in your promotional material.




A selection of online regional banners are available for you to download to use in your online promotional material.

Region Banner

Zipped folder Edinburgh 


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Edinburgh Banner Borders Railway

Zipped folder Midlothian


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Midlothian Borders Railway Banner
Zipped folder Scottish Borders

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Scottish Borders - Borders Railway Banner




We have created an image bank of free to use photos of the Scottish Borders, Midlothian and Edinburgh. The photos can be used in your online or printed marketing to promote the wide range of locations and attractions visitors will be able to easily access using the new Borders Railway.

Sample Image Access Image Bank
Galashiels - Borders Railway Image Bank

To find out how to access the image bank visit our Photography and Filming page.



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