Bollywood Scotland Map, Banners and Poster


To help you capitalise on Bollywood Scotland we have supplied a map, a selection of digital banners and a A3 sized poster you can download and use in your own promotional activity.  


Bollywood Scotland Map

VisitScotland has created the first ever Bollywood Scotland map with Bollytrails highlighting some of the locations that have featured in over 20 Indian movies:


PDF document Bollywood Scotland Map & Bollytrails - (A3 size) - (file size12mb)


Bollywood Scotland Poster

A poster featuring the Bollywood Map is also available for download.

PDF document Bollywood Scotland Poster- (file size 8mb)


Examples of the digital banners provided in a range of sizes:


Zipped folder  Zipped folder containing the complete suite of digital banners - size 605kb


Multiple purpose (MPU) advert version 1:


Bollywood Scotland MPU version one


Multiple purpose (MPU) advert version 2:


Bollywood Scotland MPU version 2



Leaderboard version 1:


Bollywood Scotland leaderboard version one


Leaderboard version 2:


Bollywood Scotland leaderboard version two


Size provided 728x90 pixels

Leaderboard version 2 should be used to link to the Bollywood Scotland map:


A3 Poster:


Bollywood Scotland A3 poster



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