About Ancestral Tourism


What is ancestral tourism?

Ancestral tourism is 'a visit to Scotland partly or wholly motivated by the need to reconnect with your Scottish ancestors or roots'.


Why is ancestral tourism important to Scotland?

Ancestral tourism is a growing and important niche market for Scotland. With over 50 million people across the globe able to lay claim to Scottish ancestry, the scope and potential of this market for Scottish tourism is huge, and the good new is that there are real opportunities for businesses right across the country to benefit.


Three reasons why ancestral tourism is important to us:

  • The ancestral tourist stays longer than other visitors (average 10 nights, as opposed to 4.5 nights for all visits to Scotland).
  • Visitors undertaking genealogy activities spend significantly more per day than the average tourist to Scotland
  • Family history research can take place at any time of the year, leading to a real opportunity to encourage tourism to Scotland in off peak periods.

Ancestral tourism market insights, research and case studies

  • VisitScotland regularly publishes Ancestral Tourism market insights and visitor research, to access all our published material go to our research and statistics section.

Ancestral Tourism



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