Tourism Business Improvement District


A Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) provides a sustainable financial model to help tourism businesses work and invest collectively to support the growth and development of local tourism.


A TBID can be developed across a group of businesses in an area or Destination Management Organisation. It gives local tourism businesses a voice and a financial stake in the future direction of tourism in their area.


By collaborating formally through a TBID, tourism businesses can widen their markets, improve productivity and achieve cost advantages normally associated with larger national companies.


TBIDs can be used for:

  • Place promotion – supporting destinations in Scotland where there is a collective need or desire to resolve local issues and concerns affecting business growth.
  • Sector promotion – formalising tourism collaboration around individual sectors within the tourism market. For example, food and drink, culture, forestry, and golf etc.
  • Training and skills – investing in skills and training that members may not have been able to purchase independently.
  • Funding – leveraging additional funding to support the ambitions of businesses.
  • Collaboration - cost advantages through collective purchasing and processes. For example, joint booking, procurement of supplies, waste management etc.

TBIDs are democratic and are owned and controlled by the businesses involved. They are set up to deal with shared issues and concerns affecting the performance of businesses. Decisions are taken in the long-term interests of businesses, rather than external stakeholders.


A TBID also gives businesses a local voice and a ‘seat at the table’ with those agencies and bodies that help shape the tourism and visitor industry in Scotland. They also help to develop and improve the level of service provided by statutory and non statutory bodies.


How can Business Improvement Districts Scotland Help?

The role of Business Improvement Districts Scotland is to:

  • provide specialist advice and guidance,
  • provide a grant of up to £20K to develop a TBID,
  • work with the businesses throughout the development process and onwards during operation if required.  

Business Improvement Districts Scotland (BIDS) operates across Scotland.


Contact BIDS on 0131 629 0065 or email


You can also find more detailed information on the website:  

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