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To help you to target your marketing more effectively and run your business more cost efficiently, it's important that you understand the visiting and spending habits of your customers.


Knowing your customer can:

  • Help you alter staffing levels and opening hours to reflect your busiest and quietest periods
  • Target specific markets more effectively

Trends and Insights

To help you understand the visiting habits of your customers, we have trends and statistics snapshots available.


UK Consumer Segmentation

It may also be useful for you to look at our UK consumer segmentation model which will help you understand how VisitScotland targets consumers. Have a look at our UK consumer segmentation so that you can target your marketing more effectively.


Market Snapshots

If you are interested in finding out more about the visiting and spending behaviours of your international visitors, you may want to look at our international market fact sheets.


School Holidays

It may be useful for you to be aware of when school holidays fall for each part of the UK in order to identify what are likely to be your busiest and quietest times.

This may be particularly useful for businesses which target the family audience.

Area  Link to web page with school holiday listings
Northern England
Southern England
East England
West England


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