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Are you a local ambassador?

Partnership and collaboration is at the heart of Scottish tourism and VisitScotland works with local industry to develop and deliver innovative initiatives that grow the visitor economy.


Information comes from a wide range of people and places. Our research shows us that visitors are switching to wanting their information at the breakfast table, in a local pub and at the local visitor attraction.


The VisitScotland Information Partner (VIP) programme aims to ensure that all tourism providers can be local ambassadors and help provide information, assistance and advice on all there is to see and do here.


The Scotland Visitor Survey (2015/16) showed that 33% of visitors prefer to get information on what to see and do in an area from their accommodation provider personally, 31% from leaflets within their accommodation and 20% from a visitor attraction.


This follows a growing trend among consumers to use online resources to plan their trips and we now have partners throughout the country providing high quality information and advice to visitors with whom they interact.


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We have recruited more than 1,500 VIPs nationally to ensure there is an information touchpoint in every single corner of the country. From distilleries to Bed & Breakfasts, local businesses will be working to guarantee that visitors are equipped with the bet local knowledge.


PDF document You can see the full list of current VIPs here (December 2017)  


The VIP programme is open to all Quality Assured businesses, as well as community groups, local authority-operated library services and social enterprises. Find out more here.


Why is this important? Advocacy is the most powerful form of marketing and by harnessing your passion for going the extra mile to ensure information is readily available on the ground and online we will continue to grow the value of tourism to Scotland and its regions.

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