Perthshire Tourism Partnership


Perthshire Tourism Partnership (PTP) comprises private sector interests and public sector partners.  It is a sub-group of the Community Planning Partnership’s Economic Partnership.


Perthshire Tourism Partnership is tasked with developing the local Tourism Strategy and Action Plan, in line with the industry strategy Tourism Scotland 2020 to stimulate economic growth.


The purpose of the Perthshire Tourism Partnership is to

  • develop, implement and deliver on the Tourism Strategy and Action Plan.
  • enable and facilitate engagement between the tourism industry and the public sector.
  • encourage product development, innovation and collaboration.
  • support the tourism supply-chain including linkages with the food and drink sector.
  • support development of the tourism workforce.
  • initiate regeneration activities and infrastructure improvements in the natural and built environment.
  • grow the volume and value of tourism in Perthshire, measuring overnight visitor spend and overall visitor satisfaction.
  • report on progress and issues facing tourism related businesses to the Community Planning Partnership’s Economic Partnership.

The partnership is chaired by David Smythe, a local farmer who also runs Cloag Farm Self Catering, and is the current Chair of the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers (ASSC).


Perthshire Talk Tourism - 28 March 2018
PDF document Developing V&A Dundee and the visitor journey, Jane Ferguson and Deborah Newman, V&A Dundee - size 4.05mb

PDF document 2018 Year of Young People, Chelsea Charles, VisitScotland - size 2.56mb

PDF document What does the rest of the world think of Perthshire? Justin Reid, TripAdvisor - size 2.89mb
Scotland Life: influencers role in the customer journey, Conor O’Sullivan, VisitScotland


Perthshire Tourism Business Briefing: are you travel ready? - 4 October 2017

PDF document New approach to regional destination tourism development, Alan Graham, Perth & Kinross Council


PDF document Working with destination management companies, Fiona Barclay, JacTravel


PDF document Working with Online Agents,  Niall McCandlish, Expedia


PDF document Cruise market opportunities, Peter Wilson, CruiseForth


PDF document Coach market opportunities, Jeremy Tinsley, CPT Scotland


PDF document Developing your international tourism markets, Rona Wallace, VisitScotland



Perthshire Talks Tourism: threats & hacking - 6 September 2017
PDF document So what do our visitors think? Matthew Quinn, VisitScotland - size 2.32mb


Perthshire Talks Tourism - 22 March 2017
PDF document Tourism Scotland 2020, Stephen Leckie, Scottish Tourism Alliance - size 2.41mb  


PDF document 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, Chelsea Charles, VisitScotland - size 2.05mb


PDF document Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre, Lisa Daniels, Pitlochry Dam - size 1.86mb


PDF document UK City of Culture, Helen Smout, Culture Perth and Kinross - size 712kb


PDF document Snow Roads Scenic Route, Peter Crane, Cairngorms National Park - size 4.06mb


PDF document Broon Coo Adventures, Piotr Gudan, Broon Coo Adventures - size 1.70mb   


PDF document Highland Safaris, Donald Riddell, Highland Safaris - size 7.16mb


PDF document Highland Fling Bungee, Murray Trail, Highland Fling Bungee - size 846kb


PDF document The Scottish Crannog Centre, Barrie Andrian, Scottish Crannog Centre - size 2.38mb


PDF document Mary Queen of Scots Festival, Jamie Montgomery, Mary Queen of Scots Festival - size 1.21mb


PDF document Perth Charterhouse, Professor Richard Oram, University of Stirling and Paul Wilson, Glasgow School of Art - size 3.53mb


PDF document Perth & Kinross Archaeology Year, Gavin Lindsay, Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust - size 1.51mb 


PDF document Insights: trends, technologies and strategies for the future, Chris Greenwood, VisitScotland - size 984kb



2018 Minutes 2018 Presentations
PDF document February 2018 Minutes - size 252kb

PDF document Developing the Young Workforce, Donna Kudarenko - size 718kb

PDF document Glasgow 2018 European Championships, Jennifer Devlin - size 1.41mb

PDF document Year of Young People 2018, Neil Christison - size 3.22mb


2017 Minutes 2017 Presentations
PDF document November 2017 Minutes - size 183kb

PDF document Dundee Waterfront - size 3.74mb

PDF document Fonab Castle - size 3.64mb

PDF document The Tay Cities Deal - size 1.15mb

PDF document August 2017 Minutes  - size 204kb

PDF document Golf Perthshire - size 2.12mb

PDF document Perth Public WiFi - size 2.12mb

PDF document Visitor Attraction Monitor and Barometer - size 1.77mb

PDF document May 2017 Minutes - size 624kb

PDF document Learn to Love Digital - size 1.02mb
PDF document Transport Scotland - size 392kb
PDF document Snow Roads Scenic Routes - size 1.93mb
PDF document Perthshire Tourism Survey Results - size 464kb

PDF document Land Rover Experience - size 2.41mb

PDF document February 2017 Minutes - size 180kb PDF document VisitScotland Inclusive Tourism Programme presentation - size 2.75mb
2017 Industry Event PDF document Perthshire China Ready workshop 2017 presentation - size 2.20mb


PDF document A Glance of China outbound market – Billy Jin - size 4.14mb


2016 Minutes 2016 Reports
PDF document November 2016 Minutes - size 184kb

PDF document VisitScotland spotlight on our History and Heritage presentation November 2016 - size 1.37mb


PDF document Cultybraggan presentation November 2016 - size 3.41mb


PDF document Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust Archaeology Year presentation November 2016 - size 412kb

PDF document September 2016 Minutes - size 216kb PDF document VisitScotland Information Partner Programme presentation September 2016 - size 2.15mb
PDF document June 2016 Minutes - size 204kb

PDF document Scottish Scenic Routes Project Presentation June 2016 - size 6.56mb


PDF document Inner Tay Masterplan Presentation June 2016 - size 2.36mb

PDF document February 2016 Minutes - size 172kb

PDF document Rural Perth and Kinross Presentation February 2016 - size 1.3mb


PDF document BIDs Food and Drink Presentation February 2016 - size 136kb


PDF document Co-operative Development Scotland presentation February 2016 - size 1.2mb


2015 Minutes 2015 Reports

PDF document November 2015 Minutes - size 64kb


PDF document August 2015 Minutes - size 225kb


PDF document May 2015 Minutes - size 268kb


PDF document January 2015 Minutes - size 246kb

PDF document Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design presentation from VisitScotland November 2015 - size 1.1mb
PDF document St Matthews November 2015 - size 1.7mb

PDF document Cateran’s Common Wealth and Alyth Craft Tourism November 2015 - size 10mb

PDF document The Scottish Crannog Centre November 2015 - size 3.9mb

PDF document Green Tourism Presentation to Perthshire Tourism Partnership August 2015 - 3mb

PDF document Quality Assurance Presentation to Perthshire Tourism Partnership August 2015 - 2mb

PDF document A9 Dualling Perth to Inverness, Transport Scotland Presentation to Perthshire Tourism Partnership January 2015 - size 2.2mb

PDF document CPT Coach Friendly Scheme Presentation to Perthshire Tourism Partnership January 2015 - size 325kb

PDF document The Famous Grouse Experience Presentation to Perthshire Tourism Partnership January 2015 - size 629kb

PDF document First ScotRail WorldHost Presentation to Perthshire Tourism Partnership January 2015 - size 1.3mb


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