Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan

The development of tourism is seen as one of Lanarkshire’s major opportunities to contribute to raising the profile and image of the area. The Tourism Action Plan aims to provide a continued strategic focus to the combined efforts of North and South Lanarkshire Councils, and VisitScotland to ensure their investment and development activities complement those of the many businesses which provide services to the tourism industry.


The Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan, prepared by the Lanarkshire Area Tourism Partnership, has set an ambitious growth target for Lanarkshire to increase tourism revenue by 60% by 2015. These targets will allow Lanarkshire to more than contribute to VisitScotland's target of a 50% increase in tourism revenues across Scotland by 2015.


The new strategy sets out aspirations for tourism in Lanarkshire to 2015.


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The plan recognises the role that local people can contribute to the overall process. The Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan builds on the successes that have flowed from the implementation of the first Changing Gear Economic Strategy.

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