Fife Tourism Partnership


The Fife Tourism Partnership commenced operation from the date of its inaugural meeting on Friday 29 January 2010.


The role of the Fife Tourism Partnership as a whole is to help to identify strategic actions that will ultimately grow Fife’s tourist economy. The partnership should also influence the direction of public sector expenditure on tourism development activities in setting out Fife’s tourism priorities.


Fife Council leads local economic and regeneration development activities to support the growth of the economy through business and skills development, regeneration of communities and ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to facilitate economic growth. The establishment and ongoing secretariat for the partnership is provided by the Council.


VisitScotland has a strategic role to develop Scottish tourism in order to get the maximum economic benefit for Scotland. It exists to support the development of the tourism industry in Scotland and to market Scotland as a quality destination.


The remit of the Fife Tourism Partnership includes:

  • Setting the tourism priorities for Fife
  • Overseeing the delivery of the 2014-2024 Fife Tourism Strategy
  • Developing an Action Plan to support the Tourism Strategy and monitoring the progress of its delivery
  • Engaging fully within the national tourism context to ensure that Fife participates fully within a Scottish, UK and international perspective
  • Projecting Fife’s case to VisitScotland where policy decisions are being sought
  • Driving the tourist economy through developing a quality product in Fife
  • Overseeing allocations from a small local visitor information budget to local tourist associations
  • Acting as ambassadors for Fife in all matters relating to tourism
  • Acting as a lobbying body and the voice of the Fife tourism sector
  • Overseeing and supporting the development of both a network of local tourist associations and a tourism business network

The overall partnership structure will be run by the executive board in conjunction with the Tourism Partnership Manager.


Membership of the executive board is set to comprise 15 individuals:

  • Private sector – Chair, Depute Chair and 4 representatives
  • VisitScotland – 1 representative
  • Federation of Small Businesses – 1 representative
  • Fife Chamber of Commerce – 1 representative
  • Fife Council – 2 representatives (member and officer)
  • Scottish Enterprise – 1 representative
  • Local tourist associations – 2 representatives
  • Tourism skills training – 1 representative





China Ready Presentations


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Fife Tourism Alliance Strategy


PDF download image  Fife Tourism Strategy 2014-2024 - size 8.33mb


PDF download image  Appendix 1 - The Tourism Market - size 30kb


PDF download image  Appendix 2 - Tourism Framework for Change - size 30kb




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