Our Management Structure


There are five directorates within VisitScotland:

  1. Chief Executive's Office
  2. Marketing, Digital and Brand Scotland
  3. Industry and Destination Development
  4. Events
  5. Corporate Services

Chief Executive


The Human Resources department, Business Affairs department, Corporate Communication department and Insight department are part of the Chief Executive's Office and report directly to the Chief Executive.




Each directorate is led by a director and, together with the Chief Executive and the Head of HR, are collectively known as the Senior Management Team or SMT.


The Board


The Board is responsible for setting direction and making strategic decisions about the future of the organisation. It also oversees our work practices to ensure we are properly managing the organisation. The Board meets around six to eight times a year.


Senior Management Team


The SMT is responsible for delivering the strategy agreed by the Board. They report to the board.


Regional Leadership Group


We also have a Regional Leadership Group or RLG, which is responsible for ensuring that we have a consistent approach in each of our regions.  It also manages the exchange of information about national and regional issues among local teams.


Disclosure of Senior Staff Names and Salary Details

In line with the Scottish Government guidelines to disclose the names, job titles and salary details of senior management within Non-Departmental Public Bodies, the following information is provided and is correct as at 02 April 2018.


Name Job Title Salary Band
Malcolm Roughead Chief Executive £145,000 - £149,999
Charles Smith Director of Marketing, Digital and Brand Scotland £120,000 - £124,999
Ken Neilson Director of Corporate Services £105,000 - £109,999
Paul Bush Chief Operating Officer, EventScotland £95,000 - £99,999
Riddell Graham Director of Industry and Destination Development £90,000 - £94,999
Lynn Jack Head of HR £65,000 - £69,999


Information on the remuneration paid to the Chairman and Board Members is available elsewhere on this website.

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