Conditions of Contract


VisitScotland’s Conditions of Contract are an integral part of a VisitScotland Order and should be recognised and understood by all parties or providers of goods and services to VisitScotland.


These Conditions shall supersede all previous communications or representations between the parties including any standard conditions issued by the parties and shall not be varied except with the written agreement of VisitScotland.




In the case of any conflict between the Conditions of Contract and any Special Conditions of Contract, the Conditions and any other documents or instructions incorporated in the Order such conflict shall be determined by the following order of precedence: first the Special Conditions shall prevail; secondly the Conditions; and thirdly other documents and/or instructions referred to in the Order.


PDF document Conditions of contract for the Purchase of Goods - size 260kb 

PDF document Conditions of contract for the  Purchase of Services - size 268kb
PDF document Conditions of contract for Supply of Consultancy Services - size 256kb  

PDF document Conditions of contract for the Supply of Goods (any related services) - size 276kb


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